Eszter Knobloch

Management Assistant

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From a participant in the Dürr Challenge to Management Assistant

Eszter Knobloch
Assistant to CFO

The well-structured induction into my role as a management assistant has enabled me to gain insights into several areas of the company. I have also experienced the whole value-creation chain within materials logistics. The interdisciplinary nature of my studies provided me with an excellent foundation for my project work. I am able to identify potential areas for improvement, support the implementation of various materials logistics initiatives, and critically question and analyze processes. I first became aware of Schenck RoTec through participating in the Dürr Challenge, a film competition for students, in 2014. Following a successful speculative application as a student, I was immediately fully integrated into the team and entrusted with crucial tasks. In addition to the wide variety of work, I was also impressed by the culture of the company: the direct communication channels, the possibility to develop one’s own ideas and the range of further internal training opportunities.

As a result of my experience, Schenck RoTec GmbH no longer represents a “Hidden Champion” for me. It is now a company where I can develop both personally and professionally through challenging tasks in a familiar environment, and get off to an excellent start in my career.

About Eszter Knobloch

Eszter Knobloch already worked as a student at Schenck RoTec during her master's degree in the field of industrial engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt. Within the framework of an intralogistics project of the Industrial Engineering department she took over tasks in the field of project documentation, created training documents and trained employees in working with the SAP Warehouse Management System.

Since 2017, Eszter Knobloch has been the assistant to the management with focus on materials management.

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