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Hauke Bensch
Smart Data Analytics

The whole world is speaking about Industry 4.0, big data analytics and data mining. At Dürr the topic plays an important role as customers ask for software solutions that make it possible to operate their systems more effectively. After I gained experience in engineering at Dürr, a new department was set up to answer these customer questions using innovative products. I could not resist the opportunity to contribute to the development of cutting edge products. Now I am part of a dynamic team of software developers and process engineers. We develop new products that enable our customers to better understand their plants and to operate more effectively.

About Hauke Bensch

Hauke Bensch traveled to São Paulo (Brazil) in 2013 as part of the student film competition “Dürr Challenge” and since then has remained associated with the Dürr Group. He wrote his master's thesis together with the Engineering department at Dürr the following year and started his career as a design engineer.

Today, Hauke Bensch is part of the Smart Data Analytics team and, together with his colleagues, is driving digital transformation within the company.

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