Neha Jaiswal

Senior Design Engineer

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Neha Jaiswal
Mechanical Engineering

After completing my training and starting working for Schenck India as a design engineer, I was responsible for universal machines like H1, RS1, H4/20 BUTL, H60 etc. I was also supporting the design of some special machines, and I completed those assignments successfully. Some of the examples of special machines are: a Bead Seat Optimizer Machine (Model 120 SBOR), as well as a Transport system for Heavy Wheels. Since joining Schenck India in October 2012, I’ve had many opportunities to develop my skills and technical knowledge. The diverse nature of the work makes my job enjoyable and helps increase my skills as well. Schenck India is a great place to work as the colleagues are very supporting and there are ample chances to grow. I am looking forward to my future at Schenck India and I believe Schenck India is an excellent organization to work and to build a career.

About Nehal Jaiswal

Neha Jaiswal joined Schenck India as Graduate Engineer Trainee in October 2012. After completing her two years of training she was appointed to be a Design Engineer and given responsibility for Horizontal Balancing Machines.

Neha Jaiswal is now working as a Senior Design Engineer in Chennai having the responsibility for Horizontal and Vertical Balancing Machines.

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