Dürr - Dr. Daniel Schmitt

“One united team for our customers”

Interview about Dürr’s completed acquisition of MEGTEC/Universal

Bietigheim-Bissingen, October 2018 – What happens when a mechanical and plant engineering firm takes over a leading supplier in environmental control, energy-generation, and acoustic technologies? Dr. Daniel Schmitt, CEO Dürr Clean Technology Systems, and Kenneth Zak, Senior Vice President, Dürr MEGTEC, respond to a diverse set of topics arising from Dürr’s acquisition of businesses from Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises (B&W).

Is it venturing into new areas or a combination of near identical organizations?

The two business leaders explain their collaborative efforts on addressing pressing global air pollution challenges and the supplementary benefits that will be available for their customers.

What will change after the acquisition by Dürr?

Schmitt: With the new combination, we have a much wider and stronger product portfolio, services of 1,500 highly skilled workforce and well-established brands. We are creating a leading company with revenues of approximately € 400 million. We are well placed to offer our customers all exhaust-air purification technologies from a single source along with advanced acoustic solutions. We have an unmatchable offer – with the best possible solutions for our customers at a global scale.

Zak: As I think about the future, I see not a grouping of multiple companies but the limitless potential we have as one strong cohesive team. Together, we hold market leadership roles not just globally but in all major regions of the world. We have very complementary market positions in Europe and North America and our innovative technologies and diverse product line on environmental equipment and services create a huge market potential in the emerging economies of China, India, South East Asia and perhaps South America.


For example, through this combination of companies with multiple RTO products, we can come up with optimized approaches for specific market segments. Or, we can bundle different technologies such as particulate control devices with RTOs to provide a complete emission control solution.