Teflon pans, Easter eggs, and brake discs

Automated sprayguns are used in many ways by integrators

Whether for coating Teflon pans, painting Easter eggs or brake discs, the EcoGun AS AUTO Mini is an excellent example of how integrators can use Dürr’s wide application technology portfolio in many ways. The Dürr web shop gives our retail partners access to products like the mini spray gun, all of which meet the high standards of the automotive industry. They can be used to develop efficient automated solutions for a wide range of industry segments.

For painting brake discs the Chinese integrator Beijing Sivi Intelligent Technology developed a robotic system with an integrated EcoGun AS AUTO Mini. The spray nozzles and needles deliver an extremely accurate spray pattern for precision coating of different workpieces for various vehicle types. The clean spray profile has many benefits for operators:

Less surface masking thanks to minimal overspray
This saves masking material and reduces the amount of cleaning required compared with conventional surface masking. 

Flexibly adjustable spray jet reaches more gaps
This reduces the number of guns required compared with systems commonly used up to now, which has a positive effect on maintenance and start-up times.

The result was an immediate hit with different clients from the automotive spare part industry as well as other industry segments in China.

Competent support worldwide

A partnership with Dürr has several benefits for integrators. The products tried and tested in the automotive industry also deliver impressive performance in other industry segments thanks to their high quality. On top of this, Dürr offers integrators worldwide a free 24/7 hotline offering competent answers to technical questions. Another benefit: the worldwide service network with more than 100 sites means that spare parts are quickly available at all times.