Mette Lindekilde

Purchasing and Warehouse Manager

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The perfect mix between local and international collaboration

Mette Lindekilde
Procurement and Warehouse Management

My career with AGRAMKOW (belonging to Schenck) has been quite short compared to many of my colleagues. I joined the team two years ago in a newly created position of Procurement and Warehouse Manager. Since I joined the team, we’ve successfully gone through a lot of changes in AGRAMKOW. Reducing from two business segments to one core-business, from standardized product to customer specific projects, focusing on change management and a much more flexible supply chain.

My strength is to build procurement processes and making order in chaos, ensuring, and making sure that we are achieving our targets on time. Being part of the Dürr group gives me the perfect mix between working locally and in an international environment, constantly having a global outlook to other Dürr entities and suppliers around the world. I enjoy this balance, and I truly believe that alone we can do a lot, but together we can achieve so much more – keeping Dürr top of mind at the suppliers. My job gives me possibility to extend my network internationally and connect with different cultures, but also to be grounded in my local environment, supporting and empowering my employees and try to make them perform at their utmost by encouraging and challenging ideas and procedures.


About Mette Lindekilde

Mette Lindekilde finished her studies in the field of Business, Language and Culture at the University of Southern Denmark and completed her MBA at Edinburgh Business School afterwards.

She joined AGRAMKOW in Sønderborg in 2016 as a Purchasing and Warehouse Manager after gaining several years of experience on a managerial level.

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