Senior Accounts Receivable Specialist

Durr Systems, Inc., Stoughton, United States

Your Tasks

  • This involves overseeing the processing of customer invoices, cash receipts, cash application, order credit holds, responding to customer inquiries, monitoring accounts for past due situations, and collection of payment.  
  • It needs to incorporate acting as a lead for any additional positions supporting the routine duties (invoicing, cash processing, cash app, past due follow-up, etc.).
    • Accounts Receivable Specialist Temp
  • This position also processes credit card payments made by customers and requires coordination with the payments clearing house service and reconciliation of the related clearing accounts.
  • Processes intercompany billings and reconciliation
  • Processes credit checks of new vendors, as part of the Supply Chain verification process
  • Reconciles customer accounts
  • Reconciles project billings
  • Responsible for all accounts receivable processes including customer invoicing, sales tax adjustments, collections and discrepancy research

  • Maintain gathering freight cost information on applicable orders to bill for that freight appropriately
  • Work with other departments and processes to ensure efficient and timely, yet with controlled risk, processing of orders
  • Constant review of orders on credit hold and working toward resolution
  • Maintain reports that detail Over 60 Days Past Due and Orders on Credit Hold reports to ensure management is informed of the issues and knows what stage each invoice or order is in as part of the resolution process
  • Works to ensure that projects are properly billed in line with progress billing points and final billings in coordination with Sales and Project Management
  • Audits the Sales Order and Returns process to ensure that customer PO’s align with SO’s and returns are properly approved through the RFGA process
  • Working with IT to ensure the features of the A/R system are best utilized, changed as needed, and kept up-to-date
  • Process bank deposits, customer credit card payments, and reconcile customer Accounts Receivable transactions
  • Complete credit applications from customers and perform credit checks
    • This includes supporting the Supply Chain process by doing vendor credit checks, also
  • Maintain re-review of credit limits
  • Ensure proper application of cash discount allowance
  • Maintain special invoice processing exceptions, like portal invoicing or website coordination
  • Track guarantee (bond letters of credit, etc.) activity to provide periodic reporting and ensure appropriate terminations per contract language
  • Support control process through reconciliation of various accounts receivable and customer deposit accounts
  • Monitor bank of orders detail to ensure complete and timely billing
  • Support periodic financial audit and tax provision/return activities
  • Represent Finance function as team member of CI projects
  • Financial Records Retention Committee Member
  • Assist with monthly sales and use tax filing process
  • Assist with 1099 reporting
  • Assist with the training of temporary accounting personnel
  • Other related duties as required

Your Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or Associate’s degree w/related field experience desired 
  • 5-10 years accounting/credit management experience


Durr Universal, Inc.
53589 Stoughton, United States
Durr Universal, Inc.
1925 Highway 51 - 138
53589 Stoughton, WI
United States

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