Digitized Production in complete wheel mounting

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Through the combination of machine and system data the overall production process is perfected and productivity is optimized. Together with tire and wheel assembly manufacturer Dirks, LOXEO is off to a great start, providing smart IIoT solutions and a highly sophisticated logistical process.

  • Daily number of produced wheels
  • Time in which a tire wheel assembly rolls off the assembly line
  • No. of possible wheel/tire combinations for a medium sized car
    up to100

With these quantities plant status and performance analysis offered by the LOXEO application play an important role for us.

Philip Seibt, Operations Manager Dirks Group

The production of wheel/tire assemblies is a logistical challenge for a variety of reasons. The LOXEO IIoT solution provides the perfect overview of both the individual stages of wheel assembly and the entire process.

The process begins with the soaping of tires and rims at two parallel stations.

LOXEO applications offer extensive possibilities for monitoring and optimizing plants. The data from many sensors is collected here in order to analyze the individual machine components.

During wheel assembly it is checked whether the torque is within tolerance throughout the assembly process.

Subsequent to this, the wheel is filled with air, which is pumped into the wheel/tire assembly via the tire sidewall.

Before balancing, the tire fit is optimized and the consistency of the tire shape is checked.

Any unbalance determined at the measuring station is then corrected at the correcting station by attaching correction weights.

The LOXEO dashboard displays data, such as weight consumption, at a glance. This analysis is used to control the materials management system. The unbalance distribution statistics are analysed to improve process control.

Finally, the control station is used to check whether the wheel meets the strict quality requirements.

The finished wheel/tire assemblies are stacked in sets and stored in the buffer warehouse.

Using a handling system, the wheel sets are now placed together according to the call sequence for a vehicle and then collected at a dispatch point.

A truck then delivers them to the final vehicle assembly site just in sequence.

Your benefits

LOXEO solutions make production even smoother and provide functions such as...

  • analysis of plants and machine components
  • rotary torque monitoring during the assembly process
  • evaluation of unbalance distribution and much more


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