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IIoT platforms are the very heart of Industry 4.0, enabling maximum flexibility and efficiency in production operations – the major benefits promised by the fourth industrial revolution. Dürr and its partners have created the ADAMOS IIoT platform for the mechanical engineering sector. The open system offers a home for all machinery manufacturers – and thus quick and autonomous access to the digital business of the future. The manufacturers can then operate their own ADAMOS-based digital marketplaces. Customers will find precisely what they need here: one-stop digital services, specially developed to ensure optimal machinery use.

Machine operators enter the digital marketplaces with a laptop, tablet and smartphone and select the apps that will improve their production operations: LOXEO and tapio are the gateway to a new world. They use a wealth of production data supplied to them by the ADAMOS IIoT platform.

Condition Monitoring

Constant monitoring and quality control of live production operations

Predictive Maintenance

Information on how long is left until the next service, using live data analysis


Digital training for every situation – the system automatically suggests the appropriate module


Optimized panel dividing using smart production programs


Production data is securely stored in the cloud – nothing is lost, even in the event of a fault


It is hard to predict when maintenance is required, because some factories run their machines 24/7, while others operate for just a few days a week. Digital assistants are the remedy. They can predict when a technician next needs to visit. This is known as predictive maintenance. Those who have the right app for their machine will receive a suggested date – depending on how intensively the machine is used.

The LOXEO digital marketplace was designed for this and many other services. It is aimed at customers of the Dürr and Schenck brands, many of them from the automotive industry and its supply sector. Some apps are about to be launched, while others are still under development.

For example, LOXEO offers a digital solution that monitors all shopfloor operations. Customers can also automatically investigate individual components of their systems if they are not working properly. New employees are shown how to operate a system in accordance with the specified instructions.

Thanks to LOXEO, customers also receive prompt assistance in cases of emergency: An app investigates the problem in the system and immediately identifies which of the machine manufacturer’s departments is responsible. Within seconds, the relevant Dürr or Schenck expert is on the phone.

Help for self-help is available in the e-learning library on LOXEO, which contains a range of training modules. In addition, a program analyzes where there are issues with the system. It then suggests which training module the user should complete to ensure that operations run smoothly in the future.

In order to deliver the digital services, ADAMOS constantly scans the customer’s processes and production data. This information is held only by Dürr and the customer. From the very outset, therefore, the customer has sole authority to decide what happens to their data.


Like LOXEO, tapio also provides a digital marketplace. The apps available there simplify manufacturing processes and machine maintenance for HOMAG Group customers. However, tapio does not just contain in-house apps and services. It is also available to other companies from the woodworking industry and their suppliers, such as glue manufacturers. Partners also market their own apps via tapio.

It therefore brings machine manufacturers and suppliers from the woodworking industry closer together. Working hand in hand, they can now deliver well-thought-out digital solutions for their joint customers. The result is a diverse marketplace offering digital services and solutions – the “digital ecosystem for the woodworking sector”, as it were.

The range of apps on tapio is steadily growing. The MachineBoard, for instance, provides system status information. If machines are down or require a setup change, the operator is notified via a smartphone message. The app offers even more: The operator can, for example, preheat a machine’s glueing unit while still at home – and then start work immediately on arrival on the shop floor.

Remote diagnosis of machines that are not working properly is also straightforward. This is handled by the ServiceBoard app, which allows the HOMAG service technician to assist via video link. And if a replacement part is needed? Online access to the aftermarket shop makes the operator’s life easier.


Another app helps store important information securely. DataSave enables customers to save their machine data to tapio. The advantage of this is that manufacturing data is not lost in the event of a fault and is quickly available again.

IntelliDivide is the latest member of the app family on tapio. This optimizes the sawing of wood panels. Customers can, for example, choose among various options: Is the priority for minimal wastage, particularly simple operation or short operating times for the machines? The production program appropriate to the selected option can be launched.

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