Be they mid-sized furniture producers, automotive giants or parts suppliers: all of them rely on our digital services. This makes their production operations more efficient.

"We make wheel/tire assemblies for the automotive industry and deliver them just-in-sequence. It all has to fit together. Thanks to Schenck’s digital analytics tools, we can manage and control our wheel production perfectly. This increases the availability and efficiency of our systems."

Philip Seibt, Operations Manager, Dirks Group, Emden

Every 8.5 seconds a wheel/tire assembly leaves the assembly line of the automotive supplier Dirks Group in Emden. The plant, which was delivered by our mechanical engineering subsidiary Schenck, fills the tire with air using an inflation ring - it only takes a split second. Digital monitoring ensures the right filling pressure.

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"The ›ServiceBoard‹ and the ›MESBoard‹ offered by the HOMAG Group not only provide quick assistance in case of faults. We can also identify the optimization potential in our production in real time. We can access our machinery digitally no matter where we are. This makes us faster and more flexible."

Adrian Wochner, Managing Director, Josef Wochner GmbH & Co. KG, Rosenfeld

Josef Wochner GmbH & Co. KG, an efficient producer of furniture and high-tech wood elements, sets standards in the premium segment. The company offers small- and large-batch production as well as customized items. Optimum capacity utilization of machines is ensured via digital monitoring.

"BMW has been using our painting robots for many years. Our analytics applications now enable them to tap their full optimization potential. Quality control is only the beginning. Together we are developing and implementing the exact applications and analytics that BMW needs."

Tilo Eisenhardt, Key Account Manager, Dürr Systems AG

He has been the interface between Dürr and BMW for more than 10 years: Tilo Eisenhardt knows the requirements and processes of the German high-end manufacturer. He coordinates all issues related to the worldwide use of our painting robots.

"Modern production systems are getting more and more complex. Maintaining them in the most effective way is crucial. We have risen to this challenge by developing the vision of a ›self-diagnosing system‹. With Dürr’s help, we have come a lot closer to making this vision reality."

Alexander Jathe,
Head of Paint Shop Maintenance, Volkswagen plant, Września

Open to digital support while keeping a close eye on the availability of his systems: Alexander Jathe is in charge of paint shop maintenance at the VW plant in Września (Poland).