Financial Calendar

Upcoming Events

Event Date
Oddo Midcap Forum, Lyon 01/10/2019
Commerzbank German Investment Seminar, New York 01/15/2019
Baader Helvea Toronto Corporate Day, Toronto 01/17/2019
UniCredit / Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt 01/22/2019
Preliminary figures for fiscal 2018: Press conference in Stuttgart and analysts / investors call 02/28/2019
MainFirst Best of Southern Germany Conference, Stuttgart 03/13/2019
BofAML Global Industrials Conference 2019, London 03/19/2019
Annual report 2018 03/22/2019
Lampe Conference, Baden-Baden 04/05/2019
Annual general meeting, Bietigheim-Bissingen 05/10/2019
Interim statement for the first quarter of 2019: Analyst day and analysts / investors call 05/17/2019
Societe General The Nice Conference, Nice 05/28/2019
Deutsche Bank Berlin Conference, Berlin 06/05/2019
Quirin Champions, Frankfurt 06/12/2019
Interim financial report 2019: Analyst / investors call 08/07/2019
Interim statement for the first nine months of 2019: Analysts / investors call 11/07/2019

Past Events

Event Date
Preliminary figures for fiscal 2017: Press conference in Stuttgart Analysts / investors call 02/28/2018
MainFirst Corporate Conference, Copenhagen 03/22/2018
Publication annual report 2017 (no conference call) 03/22/2018
Lampe Conference, Baden-Baden 04/18/2018
Goldman Sachs Small & Midcap Symposium, London 05/03/2018
Kepler Cheuvreux Mid Cap Days, Paris 05/04/2018
Annual General Meeting, Bietigheim-Bissingen 05/09/2018
German Spring Conference, Frankfurt 05/16/2018
Interim statement for the first quarter of 2018: Analysts / investors call 05/16/2018
Berenberg US Conference 2018, Tarrytown 05/23/2018
Deutsche Bank Conference, Berlin 06/06/2018
Societe Generale Nice Conference, Nice 06/08/2018
Interim Financial Report 2018: Analyst / investors call 08/09/2018
Commerzbank Sector Conference, Frankfurt 08/29/2018
Morgan Stanley Industrial CEOs Unplugged, London 09/06/2018
Baader Investment Conference, Munich 09/26/2018
Interim statement for the first nine months of 2018: Analysts / investors call 11/08/2018
UBS European Conference, London 11/14/2018
LBBW German Company Day 2018, London 11/15/2018
DZ BANK Equity Conference, Frankfurt 11/20/2018
German Equity Forum, Frankfurt 11/28/2018
Goldman Sachs European Industrials Conference, London 11/28/2018
Quirin European Mid Cap Event, Geneva 12/05/2018
Berenberg European Corporate Conference, Pennyhill 12/05/2018

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