(Ad-hoc) Preliminary results Dürr 2011

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Bietigheim-Bissingen, January 30, 2012 – According to preliminary figures the Dürr Group increased its sales revenues in fiscal year 2011 to around € 1,900 million (+50%). EBIT improved to approximately € 105 million and was thus nearly trebled.

Incoming orders rose by 63% to approximately € 2,680 million in fiscal year 2011. In the fourth quarter new orders were worth € 615 million, which was up 14% on the comparable pre-year figure. The exceptionally high order intake was due above all to the automotive industry’s capacity expansion in China and other emerging markets. Dürr benefited additionally from catch-up effects as customers had shelved numerous investment projects in the 2008/2009 crisis which were awarded in 2011. Orders on hand were worth about € 2,100 million at the end of 2011 (+55% versus December 31, 2010).

These figures cited for 2011 are above the capital market’s expectations. From today’s vantage point Dürr expects incoming orders in excess of € 2 billion in 2012; this means that orders in 2012 would be about € 400 million above the pre-2008/2009 crisis level. Sales revenues are expected to advance to a good € 2 billion in the current year. This is supported by the high order backlog and the Group’s excellent position in the emerging markets. Dürr assumes that the buoyant current demand will continue, especially in the automotive industry.

Dürr will be reporting on the development of business in 2011 and the outlook on February 21, 2012.

Preliminary figures Dürr Group
in EUR m 2011 2010 ∆ in %
Incoming orders 2,680 1,642.2 +63
Orders on hand 2,100 1,359.1 +55
Sales revenues 1,900 1,261.4 +50
EBIT (Earnings before financial result and taxes) 105 36.61 +187
EBIT margin in % 5.5 2.9 +2.6 basis points
1 2010 has been adjusted due to reclassification of the interest component in pension provisions.

All the figures are preliminary figures and have not been audited.

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