Press Release

Dürr presents more innovations than ever

9th Dürr open house

Bietigheim-Bissingen, May 9, 2014 - Dürr presents more new developments than ever at this year's "Open House" innovation show. Until May 16, visitors from the automotive industry and other sectors can learn about efficient production technologies at 24 stations. The event kicked off today with CEO Ralf W. Dieter speaking in front of around 100 high-ranking customer representatives: "In 2013 Dürr invested more in research and development than ever before. We focus on innovations that will measurably reduce unit costs in production – through increased automation and flexibility or lower energy and material consumption." At its ninth Open House event, Dürr is expecting a record number of around 1,000 guests from all over the world at the Dürr-Campus in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Dürr is providing information on, among others, the EcoReBooth compact paint booth, which is making its debut in series production. The first painting line equipped with this energy and space-saving technology has been successfully commissioned at Porsche in Leipzig. Other innovations presented by Dürr under the motto "Eco+Paintshop – benchmark for automotive painting" include smart products for paint application, the EcoPaint Supply system as well as new developments for cathodic dip coating and overspray separation. Dürr is also demonstrating the new Eco+Speed concept, which reduces the cycle time of painting stations and increases throughput. In addition, Dürr is opening a new test center for handling processes for the interior painting of vehicles (automatic opening of hoods and doors).

The second key topic is "Eco+Energy – environmental technology in the context of energy efficiency". The technologies presented here are ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and CPS (Compact Power System) for decentralized electricity generation from thermal energy as well as large heat pumps developed by Dürr's subsidiary Thermea. An innovation in the area of exhaust-air purification technology is the Ecopure TAR Suntec system, which uses solar energy to cover some of its heat demand.

Dürr's mechanical engineering activities and aircraft production technology are also widely represented at the Open House. Visitors can see, for example, the fully automatic cleaning technology laboratory EcoCLab, a test system for the adjustment of driver assistance systems, new filling system adaptors and the positioning system for aircraft components, EcoPositioner.

Dürr is a mechanical and plant engineering group that holds leading positions in the world market in its areas of operation. It generates a good 80% of its sales in business with the automotive industry. It also supplies the aircraft, machinery, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries with innovative production and environmental technology. The Dürr Group operates in the market with four divisions: Paint and Assembly Systems plans and builds paintshops and final assembly systems for the automobile and aircraft industries. Application Technology provides automated paint application, sealing, and glueing with its robot technologies. Machinery and systems from the Measuring and Process Systems division are used for balancing and cleaning in engine and transmission manufacturing as well as in final vehicle assembly, among other areas. The fourth division, Clean Technology Systems, specializes in processes to improve energy efficiency and exhaust air purification. Dürr has 50 business locations in 24 countries worldwide and approximately 8,250 employees. The Group achieved sales of € 2.4 billion in 2013.