Health & Safety: Striving for excellence in safety together

This is how we inform and train our employees:

Jaroslaw Baginski
Leader of the Cross Functional Team Health & Safety at Dürr

The most important thing for us is to know that our employees return home safely at the end of their working day. That's why health and safety measures are of great importance to us. We are working to further improve our high standard in this area at all corporate levels and in all Group companies. This is reflected in our principle 'STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE IN SAFETY'.

This is how we ensure compliance with the rules:

Safety Appreciation Award

Hyundai Motors has presented Dürr India with the Safety Appreciation Award. In May 2017 the Dürr subsidiary completed four modification projects in parallel within a tough schedule and, above all, without any accidents. At the Hyundai site in Chennai (India), 25 engineers and six safety officers from Dürr coordinated an average of around 100 subcontractor staff per day. The team worked a total of 28,560 hours without any accidents.


Safety Excellence Award

TVS Motors, India's third largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles, presented Dürr with the "Safety Excellence Award" in March 2018. During the construction of a new paint shop and the expansion of an existing paint shop in Hosur (India), a total of around 534,000 working hours were completed without a single accident. Dürr India accepted the award as the supplier with the best health-and-safety measures during the completion of the two large projects.

Excellent Project Safety Manager

Dürr has erected a paint shop in Tianjin (China) for the Chinese joint venture FAW-Volkswagen. At the beginning of 2018, this carmaker presented the "Excellent Project Safety Manager" award to Dürr's health-and-safety officer on site, Jin Biao, and project manager Qian Jin. Our photo shows Jin Biao together with a representative from FAW-Volkswagen.

What happens if an accident has nevertheless occurred:

Corporate principles for health and safety at work:

"Striving for excellence in safety" is the title of our corporate strategy for this area. The principles and processes of this strategy are explained in a handbook available to all employees.