Overspray-free painting: No more masking

Dürr presents a fully automatic two-tone contrast roof painting system

Whether it’s design stripes or differently colored roofs – decorative and contrasting colors are on the rise with modern cars and show that individualization is increasingly influencing purchasing decisions. The required process in the paint shop is complex: After having gone through a complete painting process the monochrome painted body has to be masked by hand with masking tape. It then has to be repainted and dried. This process is not only time consuming and cost intensive, but also causes a lot of waste.

At this year’s 11th Open House, Dürr presented a solution that revolutionizes this procedure. The new EcoPaintJet painting system has an applicator that moves in tracks over the target surface and applies the paint with utmost precision. An intricately machined nozzle plate, just a few square centimeters in size, applies the paint from a distance of 30 millimeters in parallel jets onto the surface – but without the formation of overspray. Where there is no overspray, there is no need to mask the body. In just 120 seconds, a body roof is painted with the contrasting color. By way of comparison, when masking, the fixing and removal of the masking tape alone takes about 50 minutes.

  • 120seconds
    to apply a contrasting color
  • 25%
    less energy required
  • 15
    masking film saved

EcoPaintJet also helps manufacturers of electric cars to meet an important customer requirement. Some electric cars are slightly higher than conventional models to leave enough space for the battery in the floor under the passenger compartment. However, many buyers want sporty, flat-looking vehicles. In order to achieve this optical effect, stripes in dark contrasting color are often applied at the transition from the roof to the side wall and on the sill. This makes the car look sportive. The EcoPaintJet is ideally suited for this, as it applies the stripes without affecting the existing paint finish.

Visitors are excited about the overspray-free painting with the EcoPaintJet.

Live demonstration of fully automatic two-tone contrast roof painting system.

Visitors examine the results of paint application with the EcoPaintJet.

Overspray-free painted bully as giveaway at the 11th Open House.

The more than 1,000 visitors of the Open House who were able to watch the quality of the overspray-free painting in a live presentation seemed extraordinarily impressed and gave extremely positive feedback.


The EcoPaintJet is currently being tested by several automobile manufacturers.