Good reasons to be invested in Dürr

World Market Leader:
The Dürr Group is world market leader in about 95% of its product portfolio. Market entry barriers are high. Market shares range between 25 and 50%.

Service Potential:
The installed base increased through market share gains and is the starting point for a growing and profitable service business.

Market Positioning:
Very good geographic positioning: About 40 to 50% of the business volume comes from emerging markets. Round 30% of the employees operate in these markets. No competitor has a similar market standing in these growing regions.

Organic growth is expected to reach 2 to 3% over the next few years. In addition, over the long term further acquisitions are expected to contribute to the expansion after the acquisitions of the HOMAG Group AG in 2014 as well as Megtec/Universal in 2018.

Technology Leader:
We address the necessary reduction of costs per unit with its technologies - be it by lower energy and material consumption or by enhanced environmental compatibility.

Industry 4.0 / digital@DÜRR:
The Dürr Group, as a plant and mechanical engineering specialist, wants to retain its position at the market vanguard in the digital era. We are driving forward the digitization of our products, services and processes under digital@DÜRR. With the ADAMOS IIoT platform as well as with the digital marketplaces LOXEO and tapio we want to set standards for the engineering sector.

Value Creation:
Since 2011, ROCE again exceed the cost of capital significantly - thus Dürr continuously creates value. Return on capital employed was 24.0% in 2018, the cost of capital accounted for 9.0%.

2010-2017 continuous improvement of earnings and payout. 2018-2019 transition years due to increasing uncertainty in the worldwide economy.