Press Release

Dürr AG shareholders receive € 1.00 dividend

- Total payout of € 69.2 million

- Payout ratio of 42 %

- Ralf W. Dieter: “Dürr Group supports customers in digital production optimization”

Bietigheim-Bissingen, May 10, 2019 – At today’s annual general meeting, the Dürr AG shareholders have approved a dividend of € 1.00 per share for fiscal 2018. Dürr AG will distribute a total of € 69.2 million.

Last year’s dividend stood at € 1.10 per share. The reason the dividend has now been adjusted is the fact that consolidated net profit declined by 18 % in 2018, mainly due to extraordinary effects. Notwithstanding, the dividend was reduced by only 9 %, partly because Dürr AG increased the payout ratio from 38 to 42 % of consolidated net profit. It must be borne in mind that the number of shares doubled to 69.2 million as a result of bonus shares being issued in a ratio of 1:1 in June 2018. This is why the previous year’s dividend is shown as € 1.10 per share as opposed to € 2.20.

Addressing around 620 shareholders at the company’s Bietigheim-Bissingen headquarters, CEO Ralf W. Dieter highlighted the opportunities digitization brings: “We can offer our customers tailored support in digital production optimization. Not only do we have the software skills, but we also understand our customers’ manufacturing processes.” For 2019, Ralf W. Dieter predicted new record figures for order intake and sales, with each expected to reach around € 4 billion. The company’s earnings are also set to increase. However, the CEO also mentioned the general economic conditions, which have become more challenging.

With 67 % of the share capital present at the annual general meeting, the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board were discharged from liability with 98 % of the votes each. The shareholders also approved all other motions put to the vote. The voting results are available here.

The Dürr Group is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with extensive expertise in automation and digitization/Industry 4.0. Its products, systems and services enable highly efficient manufacturing processes in different industries. The Dürr Group supplies sectors like the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and woodworking industries. It generated sales of € 3.87 billion in 2018. In October 2018, the Dürr Group acquired the industrial environmental technology business of US-based company Babcock & Wilcox, comprising the MEGTEC and Universal brands. Since then, it has over 16,300 employees and 108 business locations in 32 countries. The Group operates in the market with five divisions:

  • Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry
  • Application Technology: robot technologies for the automated application of paint, sealants and adhesives
  • Clean Technology Systems: air pollution control, noise abatement systems and battery coating lines
  • Measuring and Process Systems: balancing equipment as well as assembly, testing and filling technology
  • Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry

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