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Factsheet of the Dürr Group

The Dürr Group is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with particular expertise in the technology fields of automation, digitalization, and energy efficiency. Its products, systems, and services enable highly efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes – mainly in the automotive industry and for producers of furniture and timber houses, but also in sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, medical devices, electrical engineering, and battery production. In 2023, the company generated sales of €4.6 billion. The Dürr Group has over 20,500 employees and 142 business locations in 32 countries, and it operates in the market with five divisions.

Strategy and mid-cycle targets

Our corporate strategy is oriented to both profitability and growth. It aims to act on opportunities in established core business as well as in new or high-growth business areas. Our strategy is linked to several KPI targets:

  • 5 to 6% sales growth: Sales are to grow by an average of 5% to 6% per year between 2023 and 2030, reaching more than €6 billion in 2030.
  • High profitability: The EBIT margin before extraordinary effects is to widen to at least 8%. This is a mid-cycle target, achievement of which is predicated on normal market conditions free of any major dislocations.
  • Attractive return on capital: We are aiming for an ROCE of at least 25%. This is also a mid-cycle target and underpinned by high EBIT contributions from mechanical engineering and low capital employed in plant engineering.
  • Good cashflows: From 2025 onward, we are aiming for a cash conversion rate of at least 80% (free cash flow is at least 80% of earnings after tax).
  • Solid balance sheet: The ratio of net financial liabilities to EBITDA should not exceed 2.0.
  • Increased share of service business: With its higher margins, service business is to consistently contribute at least 30% to Group sales.

We have identified five strategic fields that are critical for achieving our goals and expanding our leadership in the global market: glocal (global/local), technology leadership, digitalization, efficiency, and life cycle services. We have also defined four enablers, i.e. supporting functions, which are particularly important for the successful implementation of the strategy. These are sustainability management, mergers & acquisitions, finance management, and people development.

Consensus Estimates 2024/2025/2026

(as of April 19, 2024)

  2026e 2025e 2024e 2023
Sales € m 5,187 5,049 4,848 4,627
EBIT reported € m 333 291 217 191
Net profit € m 203 181 129 110

The Dürr share

Shareholder Structure Dürr AG (figures rounded)

Structure of the latest recommendations of analysts

Good reasons to be invested in Dürr

World market leader:

The Dürr Group is one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with a diversified product portfolio. Market entry barriers are high. We operate in niche markets, where we are either the market leader or among the largest suppliers, with market shares ranging from 15% to 55%.

Service potential:

The service business has above-average margins and makes a particularly significant contribution to customer loyalty. We are aiming to achieve a service share in Group sales of consistently at least 30%. To that end, we align our  → service activities with the entire lifecycle of our machines and systems, benefitting from an increasing number of installed machines and systems.

Market positioning:

Very good geographic positioning: Thanks to our international presence, we are represented in all of the world’s key market regions. About 40% of the business volume comes from emerging markets. Around 36% of the employees operate in these markets.


We have set ourselves the goal of increasing sales by 5% to 6% annually to over €6 billion in 2030. The → established business is expected to contribute to this with growth rates of 0% to 2% or 3% to 9%, depending on the activity. In the → growth business, we expect average growth rates of more than 10% p.a.

Technology leader:

With our technologies, we enable efficient production processes with a minimized environmental impact.


The Dürr Group, as a mechanical and plant engineering firm, wants to retain its position as the market vanguard in the digital era. We are driving forward the digitalization of our products, services and processes under → digital@DÜRR.

High profitability:

The EBIT margin before extraordinary effects is to rise to at least 8%. We consider this level to be appropriate due to the increased share of mechanical engineering in our portfolio. The achievement of this goal is dependent on a normal market environment without any major disruptions.

Value creation:

We are aiming for a ROCE of at least 25%, based on high EBIT contributions in mechanical engineering and low capital employed in plant construction.


Our economic activities are consistent with ecological and social concerns as well as responsible corporate governance. Our climate targets support the achievement of the global 1.5°C target and have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). With our products, we enable resource-saving manufacturing processes.
→ Sustainability in the Dürr Group

Down to earth:

The Dürr Group has been in existence for over → 125 years. The company has developed from a workshop into a global corporation. At the same time, we have preserved the spirit of a medium-sized company in the best sense: Our employees have a sense of reliability and quality, they react quickly to changes and take decisive action. Just as customers expect from a medium-sized company. The hierarchies are flat, the paths short — and everyone pitches in. Even today, the founding Dürr family still holds more than 25% of the company.

Incoming orders 2023: € 4,615 m

Sales revenues 2023: € 4,627 m

Key figures

FY 2023 FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017 FY 2016 FY 2015
Incoming orders € m 4,615.5 5,008.4 4,291.0 3,283.2 4,076.5 3,930.9 3,803.0 3,701.7 3,467.5
Orders on hand
(December 31)
€ m 4,201.2 4,014.0 3,361.0 2,556.7 2,742.8 2,577.2 2,449.4 2,568.4 2,465.7
Sales € m 4,627.3 4,314.1 3,536.7 3,324.8 3,921.5 3,869.8 3,713.2 3,573.5 3,767.1
EBITDA € m 322.2 337.5 299.4 125.3 308.5 326.9 367.7 360.3 348.2
EBIT before extraordinary effects € m 280.4 232.2 199.1 99.5 263.1 274.9 283.7 286.4 294.3
EBIT € m 191.4 205.9 175.7 11.1 195.9 233.5 287.0 271.4 267.8
Financial result € m -20.2 -17.8 -43.1 -29.7 -21.2 -13.8 -19.8 -13.3 -23.3
Interest cost € m 57.9 30.6 51.0 39.7 33.4 27.5 27.7 26.5 33.5
Net income / loss of the Dürr Group € m 110.2 134.3 84.9 -13.9 129.8 163.5 199.6 187.8 166.6
Total asset
(December 31)
€ m 5,156.0 4,530.9 4,153.6 3,878.8 3,882.3 3,614.4 3,511.6 3,348.5 2,986.7
Equity (incl. minority interests)
(December 31)
€ m 1,177.0 1,124.2 1,005.6 908.1 1,043.4 992.2 900.5 831.0 714.4
Equity ratio
(December 31)
% 22.8 24.8 24.2 23.4 26.9 27.4 25.6 24.8 23.9
FY 2023 FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017 FY 2016 FY 2015
Net financial position
(December 31)
€ m -516.6 -46.4 -99.5 -49.0 -99.3 32.3 176.3 176.5 129.4
Net working capital
(December 31)
€ m 545.3 415.9 427.9 382.6 502.7 441.4 373.7 194.4 236.8
Gearing (Net financial debt/Net financial debt + Equity) (December 31) % 30.5 4.0 9.0 5.1 8.7 -3.4 -24.3 -27.0 -22.1
Net financial debt/EBITDA 1.6 0.1 0.3 0.4 0.3 - - - -
EBT/Interest expense
(interest coverage ratio)
7.9 10.8 4.1 0.5 7.3 11.5 13.4 13.7 10.7
Cash ratio
(December 31)
% 37.7 29.2 27.9 35.7 37.1 35.7 36.2 50.0 26.4
ROCE (EBIT/Capital employed) % 11.2 17.3 15.5 1.1 16.9 24.0 38.6 41.1 45.3
Dürr Group Value Added (DGVA) € m -35.3 18.3 38.8 -66.0 39.4 76.0 142.7 142.5 146.2
(December 31)
20,597 18,514 17,802 16,525 16,493 16,312 14,974 15,235 14,850
Excerpt of non-financial key figures FY 2023 FY 2022 FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 FY 2017 FY 2016 FY 2015
Energy consumption1 MWh per € m sales revenues 29.1 31.7 36.1 37.4 33.6 30.7 33.6 36.7 34.1
Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1+2)1,2 t CO2 equivalent per € m sales revenues 5.5 8.1 13.7 14.8 14.5 15.8 16.9 17.6 16.5
Water consumption3 m3 per € m sales revenues 39.2 44.5 49.6 50.2 51.5 52.0 56.1 51.4 50.9
1 2020 und 2019 figures adjusted due to recalculation based on Greenhouse Gas Protocol in 2021
2 2022 figure was adjusted retrospectively
3 Water consumption for BBS Automation was not recorded for 2023