tapio combines sophisticated digital products for the wood industry with thousands of production machines and the highly varied supply of production material and tools in an Internet of things (IoT) platform.

The digital platform for the value chain of the woodworking industry

In short: This digital platform covers the wood industry value chain in its entirety. tapio pools knowledge from the areas of mechanical engineering, servicing, software and consulting for businesses of all sizes worldwide to make your work easier. tapio supports you with uniform solutions for a diverse range of process stages to make business processes faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever before.

Some examples of current applications

Data losses are belonging to the past. Data will be stored securely in the cloud and will be made available immediately when needed.

Errors can be identified with the help of video diagnosis and faults will be fixed. Forward looking maintenance avoids unplanned production interruptions.

Machine related information available in real time to operate machines optimally. Example: Before driving to business, the operator can remotely start up the gluing unit on his edge banding machine.

Optimization of sawing process. Different programs can be chosen: e.g. for less waste, shorter cycle time or easier handling.

Julian Spöcker
Head of Sales
tapio GmbH
Landsberger Straße 302
80687 München