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In our key topics, we shed some light on recent developments and various challenges. What are the trends for future production? What innovations are leading to sustainable and efficient processes? What are the benefits of digital solutions? Answers to these and similar questions can be found in the following key topics.

Operate sustainably – be fit for the future

The Dürr Group adopts an economic approach that is in harmony with the ecology and demonstrates social responsibility. The company focuses on innovative technology for sustainable production, promotes mutual respect between employees and ensures responsible corporate governance.

Smart up your plant

Dürr is driving the development of process and robot technology as well as its digitization and transformation for the future. Around 1,000 visitors, mainly from the automotive industry, experienced the latest innovations, designed to make production systems smarter, at our 11th Open House. Find out more in our key topic ‘Smart up your plant’.

Future Trends - Pioneering Solutions

The world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, not only politically, but also in economic and technological terms. This is why a globally active company such as the Dürr Group must do more than just monitor global trends. Thanks to our pioneering spirit, we develop groundbreaking solutions for our customers. Find out about them in our special topic about "Future Trends – Pioneering Solutions".

Driving Digitization

Industry is undergoing a profound, technological transformation worldwide. Today, production between individual plants is already closely interconnected. In future, factories will self-coordinate via digital platforms. Companies can compare and coordinate the plants of their production network. Digitization is increasing the pace of development in all industries. It requires fast decisions and a high level of flexibility.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving represents a significant efficiency enhancement in production and a revolution in the end-of-line area, with cars moving autonomously within the test area and being tested without any operator input. The test stands for this revolution in the end-of-line area are already available, redefining the standard of end-of-line testing.