Future Trends - Pioneering Solutions

Dear Readers,

The world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, not only politically, but also in economic and technological terms. This is why a globally active company such as the Dürr Group must do more than just monitor global trends. It must seize its opportunity when the moment is right. Over the past decades, we have proved time and again that we take advantage of opportunities and trends, for instance by developing efficient paint shops, using painting robots, entering into equipment provision for the woodworking industry, and developing digitally networked production processes.

We naturally see ourselves as pioneers, always working to create ground-breaking products and services for our customers. The trend toward digitization is currently far ahead of any other. In our Digital Factories, we are developing smart applications for machines and systems.

The growing importance of electromobility is also an incentive for young entrepreneurs to build electrically powered cars. We advise them and provide the right production equipment.

We are also taking advantage of the trend toward autonomous driving. Our new generation of test stands can be used to test vehicle functions in traffic scenarios without the need for a driver behind the wheel.

Today, many end customers want products that are perfectly tailored to their needs – from the color of their car to their fitted kitchen. Dürr is shaping the trend toward customization and is developing systems suitable for the efficient series production of one-off products.

In addition, there is a growing worldwide awareness around environmental issues. With the acquisition of the companies MEGTEC and Universal, we have doubled the volume of our exhaust-air purification business and can provide even more sectors with cutting-edge technologies from a single source.

We do more than just follow future trends. Thanks to our pioneering spirit, we develop groundbreaking solutions for our customers. Find out about them in our magazine: Future Trends – and our Pioneering Solutions.


I hope you enjoy it!

Ralf W. Dieter
CEO of Dürr AG