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Dürr vision workshop participants discussing ideas

A compass for the Group

What defines the Dürr Group? What values and mission do we have? Answers to these questions cannot be prescribed to a company. They must come from within the organization and be supported by the workforce. This is why the Dürr Group, with the employees’ broad participation, has developed a uniform corporate statement.

When the Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Andreas Schaller, looks back at the process of the past few months, he is still amazed by the great commitment with which many colleagues took part in this project. CEO Dr. Jochen Weyrauch set the ball rolling when he initiated the development of a corporate statement for the Group as he started his role at the beginning of 2022. Mid-year, the project gained real momentum when the entire workforce was invited to participate in developing this uniform corporate statement. 

The aim was to come up with realistic and credible definitions of vision, mission, values, and purpose for the company. Going forward, these four aspects are to represent a reliable constant for customers and workforce, create an emotional bond with the company, and provide guidance when taking decisions and setting priorities. “This kind of process cannot simply be completed in a small group with a top-down approach,” highlights Schaller as project manager. This is why it was decided to get external experts Hans-Wilhelm Eckert and Jutta-Anna Schroer on board.

Through my contribution I was able to add a small “personal brick” to the foundation of the whole organization.

Maciej Stajewski, Managing Director of HOMAG Polska

I view this corporate statement we have developed together as part of a modern corporate culture that focuses on the employees’ involvement, on their individual development, and on a shared system of values.

Dr. Jochen Weyrauch, CEO of Dürr AG

The key task of the two consultants was to gain an insight into the organization and start conversations with its employees. Interviews were planned and workshops prepared — face-to-face at the Bietigheim, Schopfloch, and Darmstadt sites as well as online for people abroad. The list of questions that Schroer and Eckert asked the participants was long. What highlights, low points, and turning points have there been in the history of the Dürr Group? What has turned the company into what it is today? Why do customers, qualified staff, and investors come to us? This is how around 80 employees from different origins, functions, lengths of service, and of different ages provided the initial input for the corporate statement that was to be created.

During the analysis phase, the results from the workshops and interviews were then consolidated. This led to some initial suggestions for wordings, which, following an approval cycle with the Management Board, were discussed with the entire workforce during face-to-face and virtual feedback forums. “The response was very positive. Our colleagues were pleased that their opinions mattered and that they could be involved in the process,” says Schaller. Schroer adds: “When we asked what defines the Dürr Group and what kind of cultural development the company needs in order to be well prepared for the future, we often found we were pushing at an open door.”

Developing our new corporate statement is more than a one-off initiative. It is intended to provide everyone with long-term guidance on the type of culture we want to practice at the Dürr Group.

Sandra Seiss, Deputy Chair of the Works Council Dürr Systems AG

Participating in this project made me think about what I have already experienced at the company, where the strengths of the Group lie, and how we can shape our future together.

Yurong Kang, Head of Administration & Human Resources at Schenck Shanghai

For over 20 years, Schroer has been supporting companies in their organizational development and change management. “During my projects, I always ask myself whether they are designed in a way that is sustainable,” says Schroer. At Dürr, she immediately felt that the project was not about producing a shiny brochure, but that it was genuinely aimed at determining the essence of the company. “In this project, the participatory approach was paramount from the outset.”

The rollout of the corporate statement in the Group is planned for the coming months. However, this does not mean the process is complete. “Cultural development is not a sprint but a marathon,” confirms Schroer. It involves ongoing dialog to monitor the current status and whether the corporate statement is being put into practice. But it is worth it, as Schroer explains while referring to scientific studies: These show that purpose-oriented companies are more innovative than others, can recruit qualified staff more easily, and are considerably more resilient when faced with a crisis.

It feels amazing to know that the views of my colleagues from all over the world are reflected in the corporate statement and that I have also contributed to the result of something so great.

Lucas Sabino, Marketing Dürr Brasil

Our corporate statement

With our sustainable solutions, we achieve excellence in resource efficiency in mechanical and plant engineering. For our customers, the society and the environment.

  • The people in our company take center stage and are the most important success factor. We offer them attractive jobs and support them in their further development and in taking on responsibility. We appreciate diversity and individuality, and we integrate everyone within the company.​
  • Technological leadership forms the basis of our market-leading position. Developing sustainable and highly efficient production processes is an integral part of our DNA.​
  • We enable our customers to be successful through leading-edge solutions, future-oriented digital expertise, reliable order execution, and comprehensive service. In doing so, we focus on proximity to our customers and on the skills of our experts.​
  • Our economic success is the foundation for investments in new business fields with good opportunities for profitable growth. To this end, we focus both on our own innovations and on acquisitions.​
  • We reduce our environmental impact and support our customers in making their production processes sustainable. In addition, we enable the manufacture of products for a climate-neutral society. We promote culture, education, and social cohesion in the areas surrounding our sites.​

We stay CURIOUS 
We are driven by finding the best solutions for our customers’ challenges. We think one step ahead, drive innovations and trends, and keep challenging ourselves. We thus continue to learn — as a company and as individuals. ​

We apply entrepreneurial thinking, make our own decisions, and learn from errors. We head into the future with courage and always find a solution.​

We embody TRUST ​
We firmly believe that everyone in our company does their best. This is why we trust each other and approach each other openly. Our partners and customers can rely on us because we keep our promises.​

We COOPERATE as a team
We support each other across departmental boundaries to achieve the best possible solutions. We offer constructive feedback, are able to give and receive criticism, and show others our appreciation. We closely cooperate with our customers and partners, both on a global and local level, and we combine skills and integrate different perspectives.​

We demonstrate RESPECT  ​
We appreciate the diversity of the people in our company and that of our customers and partners. Therefore, we treat each other with respect and always seek out what we have in common rather than what separates us.​

We are aware of the responsibility we have as a company toward society and the environment. We therefore use resources carefully, we develop sustainable solutions, and we promote education, culture, and social cohesion for a better future.​

We assume responsibility for the next generation. We combine economic efficiency and environmental sustainability in industry and craftsmanship. Our solutions enable the safe and resource-efficient production of goods that billions of people use every day.

Jutta-Anna Schroer

Systemic organizational development and management consulting

Together with communications consultant Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Eckert, Jutta-Anna Schroer supported the Dürr Group as an external expert in developing its corporate statement. Schroer, who studied psychology and sociology, says that even from her very first conversation with Andreas Schaller, she immediately felt that the project was intended to have a lasting impact. Since 1999, Schroer has been working as a consultant for organizational and human resources development, and as a trainer and coach. She has been self-employed since 2009. At the University of Munich, the University of Freiburg, and the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel in Germany, Schroer has also taught topics such as systemic organizational consulting and conflict management. “To support people in the process of becoming and changing, to assist teams in their development, and to provide vitalizing inspiration to organizations are my key concern,” she says.

Martina Bausch
Officer Online Magazine
Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Dürr Aktiengesellschaft
Carl-Benz-Str. 34
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen